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CITYGUIDE by KA had the pleasure of spending an afternoon, in the cozy corners of PEREZ FURNITURE. Owners Daniel and Richele Perez, have a distinct aura; which is not only warm and inviting, but authentic – characteristics that are infused in the furniture designs.  With creativity from a past life in fashion, and a keen interest in clean lines, Daniel has succeeded at making the PEREZ collection distinguished, and refined. Read On.

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KA- How important is tradition in your designs

DP – as the source of inspiration can come from so many areas of life, tradition is definitely one angle I play with as I feel the wave of trends can often begin with tradition with all of it colors, textures and scale it brings to the table of creation.

KA – In an earlier incarnation you were a hair designer/stylist : how did this translate into furniture

DP – I am basically in love with scale, as that is my motivational source. Hairstyling asked of me to frame a face/shape and in that I had the opportunity to play with scale. The move to furniture was but more need for me to play with more scale. It really could have been anything as at that point in my life a change was in the books and playing with fabrics and all their textures, sewing and all of it’s intricacies and the development of an object’s shape that can actually seduce subliminally was very appealing to me.

KA – Would you say that being immersed in the fast paced fashion reality of the beauty industry, was a good prep for the creation of beautiful furniture 

DP – absolutely! It gave me the opportunity to travel many countries as I was a studio hairstylist, therefore very rarely behind the chair, mostly working in different studios around the world plunged in the world of art directors and all of their inspirations which was an incredible artistic bonus for someone like me as I was fortunate enough to share that floor with some amazing individuals.

KA – You have definitely seen a lot in your 15 plus years in this business; is there a stand out moment in all of this.

DP – yes, meeting the love in my life on a sales trip out west who I share work and play with!  Also, the awakening in Quebec and Canada for the need to start encouraging local design.

KA – There are a lot of collaborations in most fields; from Chanel to Louis Vuitton, you see brands co-creating, and actually surprising themselves with the results. Are collaborations something that the PEREZ  line is open to.

DP – Yes. The opportunity has not presented itself of yet but Perez would be very open. Sharing in the creative process is where the growth usually presents itself.

KA – Is there such a thing as the perfect sofa

DP – no…there is only a perfect sofa… for you . We see many struggle with their choices in our showroom but when they sit in “their” perfect sofa, the struggle usually stops there.

KA – How would you describe the PEREZ style of furniture; and can this be separated from Daniel Perez the man

DP – the three are intertwined…three because the creative process is not just Daniel Perez, so… Perez as market demand, Daniel Perez as a creative source and the Perez team as creative input and sounding board to the entire process.

I have had to create some separators between what I want to do and what I need to do along the way…for the betterment of Perez’s financial security… small price to pay to keep the canvas available for more development.

KA – What inspires you to create

DP – It really can be anything at all, from a textured wall I saw in a movie to the shape of a car . Inspiration comes mostly from happy moments that enable us to see clearer things before us that may have been muddled just moments before.

KA – What is the best design advice that you have received

DP – I once worked with a Photographer in Los Angeles who showed me a picture of Lauren Bacall and said to me he wanted those waves but made it clear he did not want to reproduce that era, he wanted me to bring into the year 2000,  that was one of the best shoots I worked on and it influenced how I see the past and how we bring that creative process into the now.

KA – Your brother is a photographer and you a designer; does art run in the family

DP – I like to think so. Our mom was a seamstress and has impeccable taste. Very classic.  Our father was a lover of Danish furniture and we had Danish furniture in our apt growing up so we grew up looking at beautiful things.

KA – You insist on creating here in Montreal what is it about the City that keeps you inspired

DP – I have to admit that I ask myself that question from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live but I really would love to see more design, upholstering, carpentry, and metal work schools opening in our city… without that… I see a gloomy future in store for our industry. Design schools are popping up everywhere around the world and we are now loosing our student who are leaving for better education elsewhere. Does not have to be that way…

KA – City Guide is about discovering the City, in this case Montreal:

– what is your favourite coffee spot

DP – home, on the balcony

– which hotel is your favourite

DP – hard to say, I don’t stay in Hotels in my own city, but the idea feels inviting!!!!

– best restaurant

DP – Le Club Chasse et Peche

– best men’s clothing store

DP – I have two…Espace Pepin for casual and Michel Brisson for more trendy

– best breakfast place

DP – Holders on Mcgill

– best night spot

DP – Peopl in old mtl

– favourite place to chill

DP – Tulum Mexico… No really, Pullmans wine bar


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