Your sweet dreams will come true here


Close your eyes.. and imagine a place with all white walls, gorgeous wood accents, sunlight shining through large add to this, the dizzying scent of ginger, espresso and lavender. The ambiance is cozy yet so bright and clean; the people are happy, eager for what they are about to experience, while others say farewell with utter satisfaction. CITYGUIDE is happy to reveal to you our lovely readers, the most stunning patisserie, where all your sweet dreams will come true : De Farine et D’eau Fraiche.

Owners Marilu and Sasha, have successfully created a busy little locale, with the best baked goods, coffees and healthy meals. Designed by the talented team of Surface3, they created the space to have a large open concept kitchen with glass doors – where the sensory experience is heightened, by watching the most delicious baked goods come to life. And the love affair unfolds..

If we may, allow us to suggest the passion fruit cake (their best seller), a lavender latte and a great read, hmm perhaps a KA Magazine.

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De Farine et D’eau Fraiche : Montreal, QC

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