Americana Artisanal Watches, Bikes and a Coffee to go! Stationed in the soul of TriBeCa New York, at 177 Franklin Street is a spacious spot that is now home to Shinola – a watchmaker and artisanal leather goods label. This truly sublime store has a flagship in Midtown Detroit, but recently opened their inky blue double-doors to the cultured New Yorker. Designed to inspire shoppers to linger and love the products, the interior boasts a quaint café, a newsstand by The Smile, and of course floor to ceiling hand crafted American-made merchandise.
Influences of minimalist art are showcased throughout the stores design, bearing an aesethic that has a clean, and slightly gallant edge, housed in a 2,000 square-foot space. Of course, it is contrasted with industrial touches, such as a custom built steel catwalk, a salvaged Mercator map, a 1930’s bronzed sculpture, and a spiral staircase leading up to a vaulted skylight. With an allegiance to leather their product range is chock-full of wondrous watches, leather-saddled bicycles, and of course their namesake Shinola shoe polish – which ultimately put them on the retail map. We invite you to shop, enjoy an enticing cup of coffee, and catch up on the happenings around us. 
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Shinola Shop, New York
Story by Sarah Harris

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