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Montreal is recognized for its culinary offerings, from French cuisine to the best in Singaporean street food. It has a special way of keeping us on our toes, in anticipation of satisfying our insatiable appetite for novelty – be it mimosas and brunch on a terrace, burritos from a truck or fresh oysters in the Old Port. And so, without further ado, we present to you Montreal’s latest gastronomy delight: Rosewood.

Neighbour to Joverse and serving a capacity of 200 beautiful people, Rosewood is home to unique & exotic burgers and custom cocktails. Among other menu items, the burgers are far from traditional. Our favourite pick would have to be black beans, oaxaca (cheese), quinoa, red onion, chipotle mayo, napa cabbage and yucca julienne style. The house cocktails (just as impressive), include ingredients as enticing as coconut water, darjeeling tea, basil and goji berry (yes please?).

The talented team includes, Chef Matthew McKean, Mixologists Brendan Baxter and Dan Lima, Owners of Joverse Julian Arbia and Michael Killam and “Rocker” Jonas, from Jonas and The Massive Attraction. The inspiration for the Rosewood concept is a hybrid of Coachella meets Santa Monica’s Stout (burgers), with no details spared. Since the ambiance aims to mirror one of music’s largest festivals, a team of local artisans along with designer Benoit Seguin was brought on board to bring it to life, with the use of local materials. But it doesn’t stop there; since a “vibe” could never be accomplished without the perfect tunes, Jonas has assumed the position of “Vibe Director” (we like indeed) to ensure the perfect experience, entertainment, service – and all. And due to this very shared love of music by the sextet of owners, the name Rosewood was cast.

The restaurant opened its doors this past July and recently celebrated its launch, last Tuesday August 12th, where bloggers, socialites and food lovers gathered for a night of good food and sexy company.

We congratulate the team of creators and look forward to seeing how the new Montreal Hot Spot will grow and grow.

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Story by Diana Eskander | CITYGUIDE, KA MAGAZINE

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