Opened in August of 2009 in the “W” Hotel South Beach, MR CHOW’s international clientele have found its classics here along with new and creative recipes. The stunning dining room is centered by a unique 123 foot Gold-leaf and Swarovski crystal chandelier designed by Michael Chow. Located directly at the beach, the restaurant features indoor and outdoor private rooms, a spacious outside dining patio and interior bar and lounge.

The Executive Chef is Hou Lam Dicky Fung. Native of Hong Kong, China, Chef Fung began his culinary career in 1977 with intensive training as an apprentice chef in “The American Restaurant” which was a well known Beijing Cuisine restaurant. Chef Fung also worked for MR CHOW Kyoto in 1988 as an Assistant Chef. Since then, Chef Fung has led various fine dining establishments as of Beijing Cuisine as well as other regional cuisines in Hong Kong and other culinary capitals such as the Ming Ya Fei Restaurant, Peking Restaurant at Manila, Philippines, and Summer Palace Restaurant in Dubai. Chef Fung mastered in all three departments; Pasta, Stir-Frying, and Expediting an accomplishment which is considered extremely rare and valuable.

MR CHOW’s menu is a combination of old authentic Beijing & Original Recipes. Chicken Satay, MR CHOW Noodles & Ma Mignon all were created by our passionate & skillful chefs. On the Menu is one of the best prepared Beijing Duck in the world.


Mr. Chow at the W Hotel

2201 Collins Avenue
South Beach
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Tel: 305.695.1695

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