CITYGUIDE by KA Magazine is a curated compilation of the best in Travel, Shopping, Design, Art, Culture and Wellness. The cities covered currently within C.G. are New York, Toronto, Montreal and Miami.

Why these four cities? The decision was not at all scientific. The fact is, that these are the cities that we have currently done the most work in over the past 6 years at KA Magazine; so naturally we were able to bring to CITYGUIDE online and print, a more ears-to-the-ground approach. The result is a City Guide that is truly authentic and researched, brimming with insider tips and fast becoming a must-have for anyone living in these cities; and, or traveling to them.

We have found that as the life-style of our readers become more and more hectic (no the computer revolution did not reduce the work load), there is a definite need for a curated list of exquisite spots to relax, unwind or simply indulge in the finer things, be it as simple as people watching (and where are the best spots to do so!).

CITYGUIDE is a reference platform where you can either send us a spot that we have not yet looked into, or if your company is such a candidate, then send this to us too.Things move and change so rapidly that we have realized that even with our team of leprechauns and nymphs, still we are only scratching the surface of what is out there, to be shared on C.G. 

Become a member, come on board and bring on your amazing-ness: shout it out loud with the other amazing brands on CITYGUIDE. “We are great, we are here, and we are happy to share.”

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