Launched 17 years ago, Marlowe has remained consistent in their mission to bring us prime workmanship and top notch materials in a trendy yet versatile way. Most known for their superb skill in combining tailored goods with cashmere knitwear and accessories, the brand is committed to excellence and exclusivity.

Catering to a busy woman’s lifestyle is Marlowe’s primary goal. With a razor-sharp focus on season-less versatility, the key to the Marlowe brand is giving clients the option to dress their looks up or down or otherwise move seamlessly from day to night. Though still keeping up with the trends, details are incorporated in a subtle way that offers a ‘newness’ but maintains a timeless appeal. Experts at addressing the desire for ‘less is more’, Marlowe crafts luxuriously fine wools into tailored garments and combines them with finer yarns to produce ‘second skin’ cashmere. In addition to the understated cuts of fabric, Marlowe makes investment dressing its priority with monochromatic options to give clients a clean canvas ready to be accessorized as much or as little as required. By and large, the concept of chic yet adaptable fashion is built right into the entire collection and can be found in the design of each individual piece. This season boasts classic shift dresses with peplum details that are easily removed. Fur collars found on cardigans, jackets and coats are also detachable. Sweaters can be sold with matching cashmere scarves, to create ‘the alternate twin set’ or with matching pants or skirts for a dressier look known as ‘the alternate suit’. The handbags also adapt to Marlowe’s philosophy with a variety of totes and corresponding clutches that can be mix and matched depending on the occasion.

As for the shopping experience, the newly renovated space at 38 Avenue Road in Yorkville, showcases the brand’s current fall collection while the clean and minimalist interior encourages buyers to focus on the quality of goods and strong attention to detail. Clothing is merchandised into ‘wardrobe modules’ and staff work individually with clients to help them build a wardrobe within colour groups, placing a major importance on strong customer service.

Always true to its core foundation, the Marlowe brand remains firm in its quest to continually use the finest raw materials, excellent Italian tailoring and a thoughtful yet extremely elegant approach to fashion. Described as a “polished and modern interpretation of the classics”, if you’re looking for timeless investment pieces that transcend the seasons, Marlowe is the place to find it.

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Story by Dayana Cadet, CITYGUIDE | KA MAGAZINE

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