MANDY’s : Justified indulgence


Forget your traditional spinach leaves and bland dressing.

We often hear that a city is defined by its restaurants; well, Montreal is no shrinking violet in the restaurant choices category. With so many restaurants and choices, you can only imagine the delight, when a new concept is introduced – making healthy eating fun and most importantly…tasty! As in the case of MANDY’S – Salade Gourmande. Shining a spotlight on salads, and reminding people just how amazing, diverse and satisfying they can really be. At Mandy’s you can choose from a wide selection of salads, deliciously packed with protein, fruits, or whatever your heart desires; using lettuce, rice, or quinoa – take your pick! You can also build your own special creations and they will keep them on file so that clients can visit and say, for example, “I will take a CITYGUIDE salad please!” The vibe is beautiful, but even more so, are the sister owners Rebecca and Mandy; who radiate and create a warm feeling that their clients simply can’t get enough of! With two locations, they have their flagship salad bar in Westmount and their second location in the Mimi & Coco boutique on Laurier. Treat yourself with a shopping trip and a gourmet Mandy’s salad – talk about justified indulgence!

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Mandy’s Salade Gourmande: Montreal, QC

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