In the Buff: Body Blitz Spa


We had the prodigious pleasure of becoming acquainted with the recently opened, Toronto spa, Body Blitz East. Located in a community on the rise, Corktown is garnering recognition as a contemporary locale for spas, art spaces, and fanciful boutiques alike. Upon entering the tranquil space, we were welcomed by a rather unassuming exterior – and this deliberate design feature most certainly trickled its way through the interior as well. After discussing, design, inspiration, and of course concepts we soon learned that the idea of having a simple décor was set in place as to not distract the Body Blitz woman. This is a place to unwind, rejuvenate, cleanse, and for the most daring – savouring the services in the buff. This spa is fully equipped, boasting a juice bar with a plethora of healthy options, temperate treatment rooms, and of course their signature water circuit. This service is comprised of several soaking steps including; a warm Dead Sea salt pool, a hot Epsom salt pool, and a cold plunge pool.

Owners and sisters Laura and Rena Polley founded the concept after extensive traveling through Europe and Asia. They had noticed a much more liberal society that embraced cleansing in the natural healing properties of water. Alas, this service was not as vibrant and perhaps accepted or even acknowledged in Toronto’s spa circuit, so they soon after developed this hidden gem. Their mantra is clean and simple: relax, detoxify, replenish, and live well. The concept is also founded on the idea of bringing women together, in a serene setting where they can catch up with friends and loved ones while benefiting from the seemingly endless health benefits. This spa is not about aesthetics, as you will not find a manicure and pedicure option on the menu but rather scrubs and body bakes, teamed with luxurious massages. After touring the serene spot, we conclusively felt inspired to disentangle from our assiduous schedules–aching to revisit in order to detoxify and restore our balance. We invite you to unplug, visit a side of the city that is truly awakening, and simply unwind.

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Body blitz west  |  471 Adelaide St. West, Toronto

Body blitz east  |  497 King St. East, Toronto


Story by Sarah Harris, KA CITYGUIDE


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