Whether you are trying the natural approach for the first time, or you have whole-heartedly embraced this as a lifestyle, HUSK is a shop that will have you visiting religiously. When it comes to selecting products for the store one thing is for certain, there is a no synthetic ingredient policy. Absolutely no wavering, as Husk does not want visitors to question the ingredient list. Armed with a mantra that is as motivating as it is meticulous – a haven of organic, and natural wellness products – this healthy sanctuary will help enlighten and engage people to live a more flourishing and vigorous life. Opened just last week! HUSK – 96 Scollard Street, Toronto.

13031-09 copy -Photo by Bob Gundu, Architectural Design by Quadrangle Husk - Vapour Beauty - Photo by Tambet Kask 1379745_636608069723614_145500889_n 1378096_636446309739790_1099526017_n 644108_636936453024109_619879864_n


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