Feast your cold eyes & frost-bitten hearts

LUXURY RETREATS : The perfect getaway for your body, mind & spirit..
There are times it seems the only way to get that needed relief is by “disconnecting”; ie taking a long, peaceful & necessary vacation. But sometimes, even the planning of this much needed vacation simply poses too much stress. Hence, the genius of Montreal’s own : Luxury Retreats. 15 years ago, Joe Poulin had the brilliant idea of renting luxury villas to travel enthusiasts; he began with only 4 listings and zero employees – in his bedroom ‘office’. Today, Luxury Retreats has a team of 150 travel connoisseurs and over 2000 villas in their beautiful roster. These are no average villas; each property is carefully hand selected, with an obsessive attention to detail. They boast a dedicated concierge team; shaping your travel experience to your unique desires.KA Magazine’s CITYGUIDE is particularly in love with salt water and it’s therapeutic benefits: sea salts for its cleansing powers, the water for relaxation and the vast nature of its unlimited abundance. With such an incredible selection of exquisite villas & scenery to choose from, the task of narrowing it down to St Barts was definitely a personal fantasy of mine.
But why narrow it down? I will certainly work on convincing the Editors of KA CITYGUIDE to do more stories on Luxury Retreats in 2014 : so we may feast our cold eyes & frost-bitten hearts together..

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