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Luxury has become one of those words that once had a meaning but is now in it’s over use devoid of its original context. How to describe luxury with a new reference in a world where even hot dogs are considered a luxury item. Nothing wrong with a genuine Parisian whilst on a break from visiting the Louvre. But when you are heading to a little joint, well you get the picture.

I recently had a funny conversation with a photographer; it went like this.

“ I had such a hard time getting clothing for the Paris shoot, your choice of putting only avant garde designers in the recent issue of KA prevents them from pulling from the houses. In order to show that KA is a luxury publication you need to have had PRADA St. Laurent etc.”

KA CITYGUIDE is not here to disagree with fashion houses that have been here for the last 100 years. But how ironic that these same houses from Chanel all the way to Dior were not considered luxury at there beginning. So what then is luxury.

Webster’s defines luxury thus: an inessential, desirable item that is expensive or difficult to obtain:

If we were to stick with this definition of luxury then CG by it’s very nature would and could not call itself luxury as it is completely democratic and available for all at a click of a mouse.

You see CG of it’s own is not the point we are only the sign post pointing you the user to the true luxuries out there be it that little hidden gem in Yorkville that only sells the best natural products, or the unadvertised chill spot in NYC with 15 patrons capacity, we wish to find these luxuries and share them with you.

Kevin Allwood, Editor in Chief.