DELANO : 50 Shades of Black


For those who are fortunate to know of one of Old Montreal’s most special shopping destinations, DELANO DESIGN; you are likely, also lucky enough to know its Creative Director, Ms Elise Gabbay.

Elise and sister Simone, have recently launched a series of fashion shows at Delano, entitled “For the Love of Fashion”; with the inaugural show being suitably named, “50 Shades of black” – an ode to Elise’s favourite color. The intimate event was for no other purpose besides giving back to their amazing clients – and to share the love of fashion, of course. The guests enjoyed bite size delicacies from Atelier Argentine, wine and bubbly from Barefoot Wines and crazy beats by DJ Mary Hell (did we mention we love female DJs?). With over 50 guests in attendance and 40 looks showed, the night was a buzzing success – translating the passion of the Delano sisters.

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Delano Design: Montreal, QC

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