CAFÉ PRAGUE : Dobrou Chut!


Recently, CITYGUIDE made the trip to Outremont in great anticipation for a taste of the Czech Republic. Yes, you read right – the Czech Republic. Suitably named Café Prague, we couldn’t be happier to have discovered this little piece of Europe, right here in Montreal.

Everything about this place is what you would hope it to be: from the handsome barman Marc, to the master pastry chef and chocolatier Mr Romain Lerort, his Sous Chef Samuel Caron and of course, the fact that everything is homemade ! Café Prague makes you feel as though you’ve momentarily escaped to a place where only happiness and great food exist. Owner Benny Sears, who also likes to refer to himself as “homemade” being a Montreal native; was inspired by his gorgeous Czech wife, Ms Martina Pribyslavska in creating this unique place. And if you can’t make your way there (which we highly recommend you do), they specialize in catering; serving cocktail bite size delicacies.

The café focuses on Czech tapas or “Chlebicky” as they call them in the Republic..and we couldn’t wait to dig in! As they say in Czech, Dobrou Chut, or bon appetit! The first plate arrives: 4 beautiful open face sandwiches. The first is spicy tuna, garnished with tomatoes and black olives. The second, a mix of grilled vegetables over top cream cheese, paprika and garnished with goat cheese. Next, we had the classic egg salad and edam cheese. Finally, our personal favourite the “Ocean”; goberge salad, guacamole and garlic shrimp..WOW.

Though we at CITYGUIDE are not meat eaters, we did snap a few shots of their gorgeous dishes. All open face sandwiches once again; there was the roast beef, blue cheese, beets with horseradish dressing. Next, ham with classic potato salad, pickles and mustard. Another Czech classic; potato salad, Slovac Salami and a hard-boiled egg. The fourth was a beautiful foie gras with onion confit and raspberries. And last but not least, the “Paris”; mortadella, with shredded pickles, mayo, green pea and gouda cheese.

Let’s not forget to mention, hands down the best cappuccino we’ve tasted! Trust us when we say, this is definitely your “pick me up” cup of coffee!  Made with a Brugnetti, 1965 vintage coffee machine, using coffee torrefied in Italy; this is truly the heart of the café.

Now, time to taste the mastery of chef Romain. A white chocolate mousse cake, filled with passion fruit and based with a coconut cookie..Divine is an understatement! And it’s not over yet. The cake was accompanied with three homemade chocolates. A dark chocolate with raspberry and chili pepper. Another dark chocolate with vanilla and mint..and finally, the piece de resistance: a chocolate truffle, with caramel and passion fruit! To die for.



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