Showcasing your company and sharing it’s unique story has never been more economical or easy, create a brandied site within the CG platform and use this to market and promote your distinct brand. Introduce and inform our readers about your hotel, shop, gallery, design studio or restaurant. Our goal is that next time our readers visit your city, or your neighbourhood - they choose to also be your new (or returning) client, or better yet send their friends to you as a reference from CG.


- Unlimited high-definition image gallery (Suggested 10 - 20 photos)

- Video / motion showcasing your brand (supplied in vimeo or youtube format)*

- Company bio & story

- Opening Hours, Direct Contact information, Phone, Location & Web Link

- Inclusion in print issue of CITYGUIDE Magazine **

Editorial Stories, features and Interviews about your brand (Online)


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If you have read this far, you should stop and go visit the rest of the site. Start with the team page for nothing other than the fact that the team is super easy on the eyes (just kidding).  We are here for you, we really and truly live for this stuff. We love to connect with new brands that are doing incredible things like yours and find ways to create win/win scenarios for you to get your message out there. Are we your only choice? Heck no! And do we ever know this, but one thing is for sure, we are not doing this to only get your money and then that’s it that’s all. We love this project; we love to eat, travel, and experience amazing things on a global scale. If you feel you should be in CITYGUIDE but your budget this year is tight, contact us anyway - we will definitely figure something out. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and please do not feel that because this is a web-based conversation we are full of sh*t, we mean what we are saying and personally invite you to test us. Simply provide us with a detailed explanation of your concept, design and expectations, as well as any supporting visual materials. We will be in touch to discuss your inclusion, and create as we said earlier, a win/win for you and the readers of CITYGUIDE by KA Magazine.