When a place can make you smile, by its name alone – you know they’re onto something. But when the ambiance and experience top all your expectations, well that’s definitely something to brag about. Case in point : BORIS BISTRO in Old Montreal.

The namesake of this most impressive establishment, is the beloved dog of owner Mr. Jean Marc Lebeau. And with a strong resemblance to George Clooney, Jean Marc is a sweet addition to the charm and appeal at Boris Bistro. The vibe is cool, unpretentious, and you feel an immediate sense of anticipation, for what’s to come.

They have invented several specialty drinks that will ease away any pain from your day, especially when they can be enjoyed on the gorgeous terrace in the summer. When we asked Mr. Lebeau what was the best thing he could ask for his restaurant, his response was “the sun”; a real testament to their courtyard terrace, and its appeal to their clientele.

Imagine the bright warm sun while you sip on a Sangria Boule, Caipiki Sake (from the Japanese community in Sao Paolo), or Martini Sauvage made with local all natural, Ungava Gin. And if you’re not one for cocktails, you can enjoy a glass of wine from their impressive list of 100% imported wines.

CITYGUIDE needed to experience the Bistro first hand; so we joined Mr. Lebeau for a taste of several mouth-watering dishes. At Boris Bistro, everything is homemade. Their ingredients are mostly local organic and they are conscious of the meats and fish they buy; ensuring they are not endangered and that they come from happy farms. So our anticipation builds..first we enjoy an old fashion cream of tomato soup, which is hands down the best we’ve ever had. Then a beets carpaccio, that was so beautiful we would have been happy just to look at it; alongside, incredible salmon tartare.  Next, we enjoyed sea bass cooked to perfection, a dish of sizzled tuna (yellow fin, not endangered) with their special homemade sweet potato chips…are we in heaven? We also sampled a gorgeous dish for any avid vegan; vegetables grilled with a homemade vege pate, made up of 20 ingredients and gluten–free, topped with a creamy and extra tasty homemade tofu mousse – just delightful!

..And since there is always room for dessert : we tried a Vietnamese Nem filled with blueberries and accompanied with a side of all natural, no sugar added maple ice cream. Next came the traditional pudding chomeur, with a twist of apples and a side of crème fleurette. Last but not least, Marquis : tiny fudge desserts with a salted caramel sauce…just WOW!

CITYGUIDE invites you to experience a little piece of Montreal heaven, in the heart of the Old City at Boris Bistro.

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Boris Bistro : Montreal, QC

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