It’s been three years and counting, since the KA Headquarters moved from the “Old” Port of Montreal – to the other side of the tracks; better known as the “Sud-Ouest”. Comprising of three prominent & distinct neighbourhoods: St Henri, Little Burgundy and Griffintown, and bordered by the Lachine Canal this is most definitely, a special side of Montreal. It’s just a vibe; and one that we felt, from the very first day we arrived here. It’s one of the fastest growing areas of the city, and it has every reason to be. With beautiful condominium developments, the best in bars & gastronomy, and so many amazing entrepreneurial businesses, we were needless to say, captivated.  And although it is far from fancy, there is a raw & authentic nature about this area, that is exactly just that – natural.

We are proud of our little hotbed of cultural diversity and good vibes, so we thought it a good time to share with you our favourite spots. All of which combined, are responsible for the brilliance of the South-West.

Atwater Market

We couldn’t write this article without mentioning the heart of this community; the Atwater Market. Built in 1933, the market is open year-round and is known for its many farmers; whose kiosks are brimming with fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers & plants.  Here you can also find the best chocolate (Chocolats Privilege), bakery (Premiere Moisson) & incredible pizza (Pizza Mia). And if you’re fortunate to visit the market in the summer, Satay Brothers serves up intensely good Signaporean street-food. On the second floor of the market, you’ll also find “the vrac”, which has a large selection of organic and gluten-free products.

















Atwater Market : 138 Atwater Avenue



Newly opened in 2012, this cozy beauty haven was founded by Miss Abisara; on her mission to celebrate the roots of inherited hair and bringing forth its beauty. An hommage to the natural, curly haired woman, this modern and charming salon / boutique is a perfect place to learn about all-natural, toxin-free hair and skincare products. The vibe is great, and the space is complete, with smiling faces and sparkling chandeliers.















Inhairitance : 3522 Notre Dame W.


Marche Bleuet

We’ve watched this quaint and fantastically unpretentious health food store grow; from its opening in 2010, to now. And wow. Not only has the business continued to thrive and expand ; but they have also managed to mark their spot as a cornerstone of organic and healthy living, in the South-West region. And consider yourselves warned, that if you frequent Marche Bleuet in the evening or on the weekends, you may encounter a line-up. A great sign indeed. The charming owners Heather and Dale are genuine and passionate about giving the best service, options and knowledge to their clients. Go to shop; or simply to ask questions and learn more about a more healthy way of eating – you will be happy you did!

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 11.17.45 AM















Marche Bleuet : 2733 Notre Dame W.


Itsi Bitsi

Bring on the cupcakes! Itsi Bitsi was actually the very first cup cake shop in Quebec (before the whole cupcake and cake pop explosion); it was the brainchild of Pascale Guindon and has been running in a sweet little place on Notre Dame – complete with café, gifts and sunlight – since 2006. Highly recommended if you have a sweet tooth!

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 11.18.50 AM















Itsi Bitsi : 2507 Notre Dame W.


Studio Breathe

The yoga / kickboxing / ass kicking gem of Little Burgundy – Studio Breathe, is truly what the name makes it out to be. If you are looking to take your health to heart or bring it to the next level – this is your spot. Founders Kimiko Fujimoto, Alexandra Schwartz and Alain Bonnamie, did an exceptional job at creating this studio. From the moment you step foot in the door, you will feel & know that you’ve entered a space of healing and wellbeing (sigh…). The staff is pleasant, the candles abound, and the flowers are blooming. The best part of it all? You can sweat and be refreshed at the same time – as Studio Breathe has its own “power-eating” kitchen. This is definite must experience on the S.W. list of  spots to experience.
















Studio Breathe : 2617 Notre Dame W. 


Le Kitchen

Studio Breathe’s own little kitchen, and what’s more – it is open to the public also. Le Kitchen is the place to find vegan, gluten-free – full-of-nutrients kind of real food. Whether you wish to stop by for a vegan aztec burger, fresh salad, detoxifying blended juice or simply, to have a cup of their magical non-coffee, non-dairy latte; le Kitchen takes your health seriously. They (Kristi and her power crew) offer deliveries (lunch people?) and can also create a full-on 21 day detox menu.
















 Le Kitchen : 2621 Notre Dame W.



A fresh find on Notre Dame W. The WANT Group has recently opened their new fashion and accessories boutique, which truly has the “Little Burgundy vibe”. Carrying brands like Filippa K, Acne, James Pearse, Nudie Jeans, Maison Kitsune and of course, Want Les Essentiels de la Vie; the shop is colourfully stocked for both men and women. And make sure to give a warm hello to Agata on your next visit!


Stockmarkt : 2664 Notre Dame W. 



Travel a little east on Notre Dame and on the third floor of a quaint building, you’ll find a secret (well, not-so-secret) refuge for wellness. Spa Vert is an all-natural spa and healing space; which completely fits its name. It offers holistic health treatments such as Ayurvedic Thai, Shiatsu, Prenatal Massage and Osteopathy to name a few. All this in a eco-friendly, all natural environment. Allow us to suggest a treatment with the healing hands of Diane.
















Spa Vert : 2360 Notre Dame W. #300


Code Ambiance

There are places that pulls us in by its mere presence – and more often than not, we are thrilled it did. This was definitely the case upon discovering CODE AMBIANCE; somewhere between Little Burgundy, Griffintown and culinary heaven. The restaurant boasts fine contemporary French cuisine, inspired by the passionate owner and chef, Mr. Bastien Gerard.


Code Ambiance : 1874 Notre Dame W.


Celadon Collection

Travel east again and you’ll end up hitting Peel Street; here is where you’ll find Celadon Collection, and the charming Roy Caro. With an eclectic mix of curated classic, contemporary pieces from all over the world, Celadon is the place to go for the avid home decorator. Complete with everything from living and bedroom furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories, you’ll will fall in love..more than once.


















Celadon Collection : 186 Peel


Scott Yetman Design

Right next door is home (well, more like office) to the crème-de-le-crème of interior designers : Scott Yetman Design. Easily identified by his impeccable style, Mr. Yetman is a master, at classic meets contemporary living. The passion for his work is evident in every one of his projects – and there are many to boast. His elegant & refined approach to design, makes his work..the ultimate luxury.


















180 Peel, suite 100


 Perez Furniture

And since we love design: Perez Furniture. Their showroom is just south of the canal and truly worth the visit; if not only to met the namesake himself, Daniel Perez. You’ve most likely come access some of Perez’s pieces by simply being on-the-town; since they’ve furnished some of Montreal’s most design-forward spaces. Perez has a signature contemporary style, using luxurious fabrics and colours – and perfecting a fine balance of vintage meets modern, amazingness.


















Perez Furniture : 1247 Rue de Condé

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