BEHIND THE BEHIND : Diary of a young fashion designer


Fashion is such an oddball world. And somehow, after all this time, I still find myself in this industry even after I’ve told pretty much everyone that it is one of the only things I hate on this planet.

I couldn’t call myself a “young designer” or anything as such. It feels like I have big shoes to fill with such a title. Yes, I may be young, I have a ready-to-wear line with a friend from school, and sure I may appear in fashion shows here and there and may have my face sprawled in the pages of some international magazines and newspapers. But for some reason I don’t really see Ms. Rose falling under this grouping. I mean… I’m just Hannah. Nothing special to it!

As a young individual, you constantly feel as if you have discovered your identity, unearthed your true self and found out why you are here on this earth. But then the next minute you’re questioning everything you have done, wondering where to place your next step and searching for deeper meanings in things that don’t need to be searched. Society seems to think that once you turn 18 you must have everything figured out, that you’re too old for dreams, that it’s about time you get down to business. For some reason I don’t think I will ever find out who I really am. I feel like everyone is always searching for an identity, for something to hold onto, something to keep them together as a whole. But, in the end we just loose who we are. Not only are our flesh and bones transforming and metamorphosing, but our identities too.  Huh…

Perhaps this whole title your putting me under is making me stressed out! Or, in another sense, as much as I feel I know who Hannah Rose is, there is still so much to be exposed from underneath all this encasing flesh. Stuff I don’t even know about may one day be uncovered and perhaps everything will change in that little brain of mine. Who knows! I’m only eighteen. I’ve got a whole adventure waiting in front of me, and nothing is going to go as planned anyway.

But one thing is for sure, as a young…whatever I am, I feel like I have to do something about this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. There is something just constantly screaming at me saying, “hey…this isn’t right”!  And with no one doing much about it, I guess I should give it a go. What’s there to loose?!

So whether I am a young designer, a young creator, a young artist, a young activist or a young Hannah Rose who doesn’t really know what category to place herself in, I know I don’t just want to be another person making dresses, I was to spread a message in my garments.

As a new player in the industry, I think it’s also important be your own biggest competitor. I just want to be the best I can be in whatever thing I find myself in. I don’t really care if someone is more creative or knows how to sew faster. Even as a young person I know comparing and competing is what will make you loose everything. Living in a culture based on the notion that being second best is equivalent to the end of the world, we need to start learning from our peers and celebrating everyone else’s successes and unique ideas. No matter where I end up, what grocery store I am in tomorrow or what little village I am visiting, there is always going to be someone much wiser, knowledgeable and artistic then myself. So there is no use in fearing competition, because no matter whom you are…there is always someone better then you. Accept it and move along.

In the end, I am just Hannah. And whoever is actually reading this, just like myself, would just be another individual whom inhabits this earth. If you fit into the young or the old category, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your personal strive to fulfil your life to its fullest potential. Perhaps in my case I am that young designer just going at it with full force. But in the end, I don’t think that matters to anyone. What matters is who you are and what you are wanting to get out of life.

Audrey Hepburn says it best, “the most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters!”

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Story by Hannah Rose, KA Guest Writer 


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