Bal de la Saint-Valentin :: A ball of love


The eve of Valentine’s Day, marked the evening of the annual Bal de la Saint-Valentin; this year, at the Gare Windsor. Grand and marvellous, we were led through the evening. The night was dazzling in it’s 1950’s theme; just think Grease meets Montreal –  a perfect blend of fashion and Rock&Roll. The 700 guests attending, certainly did not disappoint; gowns of all colours elegantly glided through the room and the men, dapper in their black ties.

This year, the Ball raised an astounding $600,000.00, making the event a success on a whole new level; raising the most funds of any other year. With the given economical state, the team and organizers are gracious & proud of this communal achievement. For those who may not know, the Bal de la St. Valentin is organized by a group of committed individuals, under the roof of La Fondation Quebec Jeunes. Five years strong, they’ve experienced tremendous success and have made a real impact on youths lives, and ultimately, their futures.

The affair was organized by the best of the best; which would certainly include the likes of Cava Rose, event planners & producers. The beautiful Brigitte Bedard accompanied by funny man Mr Jean-Michel Anctil, MC’d the event and led the guests through a night of culinary delights, performances & prizes.

Dinner was served by the talented Armando Arruda, catering from The Queen Elizabeth. During which,  young David <<Elvis>> Thibault, gave a remarkable rendition of Elvis’ best. Auctioneer Roch Fournier kept us entertained in between courses with his speedy auctions for fabulous prizes. And among the silent auction items, were treasured prizes from some of our KA family :  An Aquaovo Ovopur stunning water filter, luxury scarf from Brethren and perfect black suit adorned in crystals, by Kevin Allwood.

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1. Dj Abeille Gelinas

2. Étienne Borgeat, Pia Metni (mannequin), Roger T. Duguay

3. Paule Labelle, Dominic Bécotte, Isabelle Dubé-Coté

4. Groupe SunLife : Diane Lafontaine, Maxime Dubeau-Marcoux, Anne-Marie Buchanan, Catherine Talbot-Hamon, Isabelle Hudon, Mark Groves, Alexandra Laflamme-Saunders, Jean-Michel Lavoie, Firass Kansou, Amélie Laferrière, France Lemelin

5. Isabelle Hudon et Dominique Bertrand

6. Ambiance

7. Odile Chevassus, Élizabeth Glimenaki (St-James Hotel)

8. Ambiance tableset

9. KA Magazine at Silent Auction

10. Brethren Scarf at Silent Auction

11. Aqua Ovo “Ovopur” at Silent Auction

12. Kevin Allwood Black Crystal Look at Silent Auction


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Written by Diana Eskander | CITYGUIDE, KA MAGAZINE

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