New York-based home decor company ABC Carpet and Home has colluded with Michelin star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten to create ABC Cocina, a top-level eatery serving the best cuisine in the form the freshest and safest ingredients. A sweet (and delicious) addition to ABC Home’s curatorial vision, there is no better person for ABC Cocina than Chef Jean-Georges who has already operated three and four star restaurants worldwide.

Committed to offering only the best ingredients by way of a locally-focused seasonal menu, ABC Cocina is a celebration of both tradition and innovation. There is as much of an emphasis on whole foods and local craft as there is on inventive cuisine and international culture. Furthermore, ABC Cocina’s ever-changing menu offerings are sourced only from producers with holistic development and environmental consciousness in mind.

With Chef Jean-Georges at its helm, there’s no question that patrons of ABC Cocina can expect a feel-good, sophisticated and, above all, tasty experience.



38 E 19th Street

New York, NY, 10003

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