La Champagnerie is a charming, special place; in the most beautiful of locations, on the cobble stone roads of St Paul (Old Montreal). Everything is what you would hope it to be; the dapper men that run the establishment, the cool vintage vibe, eclectic tunes and cold, delicious bubbly. Not to mention, La Champagnerie is the only place in Montreal that allows the sabering of champagne bottles; a tradition that dates back to Napolean times, just after the French Revolution.

I had the unique, pleasurable and at first, fearful experience of sabering a champagne bottle at La Champgnerie. But with the diligent expertise and guidance of director, Sebastien Piekutowski, it was not only a success, but so much fun! Where most people think it is a castration of the bottle-neck, it is really much more refined. It is all about angle, pressure and a smooth swift motion. They have a tradition at La Champgnerie; once you saber the bottle, you make a wish (which is not allowed to be about money) and drop the cork in a glass that runs along the wall..then comes the best part of course – time to sip your bubbly ladies and dapper men!

The design of this establishment, was inspired by the Art Nouveau era, of the 1890’s to the 1910’s – with modern elements added.

La Champagnerie – Bar a Sabrage : Montreal, Canada

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